Fellowship Students LIFE GROUP HOST HOME

Fellowship Students is also looking for families and individuals who would be willing to host a student LIFE group. Host homes provide a fun and positive atmosphere where students feel safe and are able to just relax and be themselves. The groups will have 8-10 students and focus on discipleship and relation building. Schedules are flexible and every group will have an adult leader who will ensure house rules are enforced and students don’t get out of control. 

Fellowship Students LIFE GROUP LEADER

Fellowship Students is looking for someone willing to lead a Student Life Group. The group would have 8-10 students and focus on discipleship and relationship building. 


We are always searching for students who want to take their involvement in Fellowship Students to the next level. We’re looking for students who don’t just want to attend weekly meetings. We want students who desire to take an active role in what goes on behind the scenes. Student leaders are committed to the unity of our student ministry and feel a sense of ownership in the ministry. They follow up on weekend visitors, greet at weekend worship services, befriend visitors, and are involved in all of our major events. Student Leaders are always on the lookout for opportunities to serve and many oversee and encourage ministry teams. Student leaders also have the opportunity to attend adult youth staff meetings where their input is valued every bit as much as our adult volunteers.


Fellowship Students believes that changing the world happens one student at a time. Students connect with people not programs. The most effective way to influence students is through positive relationships with people who truly care about them. That’s why the Student Ministry is looking for adult mentors who will:

  • Be interested in the lives of students
  • Take initiative to spend time with them
  • Pray for them
  • Be real
  • Say encouraging words
  • Believe in them
  • Share God’s love through personal experience
  • Love God and live for Him
  • Be consistent in attendance

Ongoing training is always available. All you need is a passion to make a difference in the lives of students; God will take care of the rest. 

If you're interested in serving in any of these areas Contact: Pastor Tom Atkinson