1. Become a member of Fellowship (NextSteps) 2. Understand your financial commitment 3. Sign a Code of Conduct Agreement & Participation Agreement
 4. Attend all Impact Mission Team informational and team building activities
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I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING POLICIES: • If I cancel after the purchase of my airline ticket, I am responsible for that ticket cost. • I am a member of Fellowship of the Rockies and I commit to attending and participating in the meetings required for my Impact Mission Team. • I, the parent of the minor signee (under the age of 18) and/or Adult signee (above the age of 18), waive, release, and indemnify the Released Parties as identified above from all demands, claims, or liability that have arisen or may arise from any Church activity or trip and that involve any damage, loss, or injury to me, my property, or my children’s property. • Fellowship of the Rockies reserves the right to cancel or change itineraries for an Impact Mission Team, or substitute services without notice.
As a Fellowship of the Rockies Impact Mission Team member, you are expected to conduct yourself according to the highest standards of integrity and morality. Agreeing to serve on a FOR Impact Mission Team means that you are agreeing to adhere and abide by the guidelines, policies, and procedures of a FOR Impact Mission Team. Failure to follow these regulations will result in disciplinary action and possibly your dismissal from the mission field, in which case you will travel home at your own expense. The following guidelines are meant to further the effectiveness and safety of your mission trip. As an Impact Mission Team member you are expected to: 1. Go as a servant disciple of Jesus Christ and will adopt that attitude when dealing with fellow Impact Mission Team members and the people I meet during the trip. 2. Accept and submit to the leadership role and authority of the Team Leader(s) and promise to abide by his or her decisions as they concern this trip. 3. Refrain from using tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs at any time during the trip. 4. Come home the same way you left. This includes body piercing, tattoos, etc. 5. Abstain from making derogatory comments or getting involved in arguments regarding people, politics, sports, religion, race, or traditions. 6. Attend all team meetings, both prior to departure and during the trip. 7. Refrain from meddling, complaining, gossiping and using obscene or insensitive humor. 8. Adhere to the dress code established for your specific trip. 9. Make sure the group leader(s) knows where you are at all times. You should never wander off alone while on the mission field. 10. Understand that mission trips can be difficult, and promise to adopt a flexible attitude, as plans may need to be changed. 11. Interact with all members of your team, not just those members that you knew before your trip. 12. Fast from dating for the duration of the mission trip. Do not seek out romantic relationships with a team member, team leader, overseas worker, or national person you might meet on the trip. 13. Refrain from giving gifts, such as money, clothes, jewelry, electronic devices, etc. Although the intent of the giver is good, the results after we leave can cause problems for our host, and jealousy among the national persons who did not receive such gifts. If you feel compelled to give a gift to someone you have met, consult first with the Team Leader(s) or host before you promise or give the gift, then allow him or her to make the final decision on this matter. This does not apply to the small gifts of appreciation we may discuss and have approved before leaving home. 14. Act as a servant‐disciple of the local pastor or missionary. Respect the advice you are given concerning attire, eating and drinking, and traditions that will help you to assimilate into the local community. 15. Refrain from any other behavior or activity that would hinder your ministry or the ministry of your team during the term of your service.
I have read and understand and agree to the above standards for conduct. I understand and agree that in the event that my conduct is considered so unsatisfactory that it jeopardizes the success of the trip, and that mediation during the trip has failed to correct my behavior, that my services with the Impact Mission Team shall end and I shall return home immediately at my own expense.
I certify: *
The following are our generally held guidelines and policies for the use of Support Letters and financial accountability for IMPACT Ministry Mission Team Trips. 1. There are no funds allocated within the church budget for the members of Fellowship who choose to participate on IMPACT Mission Team Trips. (Exception: Fellowship Staff and Mission Trip Leaders and/or Youth Trip Student Mentors) 2. Participants of an IMPACT Mission Team are permitted to send support letters that are provided or approved by an IMPACT Mission Trip Leader. Participants should supply their own letterhead and postage in order to communicate with family, friends or people within Fellowship, with whom they have an ongoing personal relationship. 3. The church only handles funds (and gives receipts) for trips planned and approved by IMPACT Ministry. 4. IMPACT Mission Team participants may ask permission from their Life Group Leader to make a brief announcement, pass out literature, etc. in the Life Group they regularly attend. IMPACT Mission Trip Leaders and Pastors do not make these arrangements for IMPACT Mission Team participants. 5. Funds will be raised and accounted for individually. If a person raises more than enough to cover his/her individual cost for an IMPACT Missions Trip, that participant has the following options: a. They can request their trip deposit be returned to them if: i. The deposit was paid for by themselves or an immediate family member. (Any deposit paid by donations cannot be returned.) ii. The deposit amount returned by law is not tax deductible. b. They can designate the overage in the following ways: i. Designate to a family member (of the same household): 1. The excess balance or the entire overage (including original deposit) be credited to their family member provided that family member has not met the required amount for the trip. ii. Designate to a team member: 1. The excess balance or entire overage not to exceed 15% of the total trip cost can be credited to a team member of their choice provided the team member has not met the required amount for the trip. iii. If they choose not to designate the funds to a specific team member the excess funds will be split among the team members that have not met the required trip amount. iv. If the funds raised by the entire team exceed the amount needed for the IMPACT Missions Trip, the Impact Pastor and/or Mission Trip Team Leader will decide how the excess funds will be allocated toward the specified mission trip. No excess donated funds will be refunded to donors. 6. Each participant is expected to submit the required trip deposit with their trip application no later than the announced deadline. 7. If the team conducts a Mission Trip fundraiser, all team members must take part in the fundraiser. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case by case basis by the IMPACT Pastor and/or Student Pastor. 8. Each individual is personally responsible for the payment of any fees and expenses required for the following, unless these fees are included in announced trip costs: - Passport and passport photos - Visas - Immunizations - Country entrance and exit fees - Personal items such as clothing, toiletries, prescriptions, etc. - Donations given through Fellowship, on behalf of the IMPACT Mission Team participant, may not be used for any of the above named personal items, except when the items are included in the announced cost of the trip. 9. Family members who are participating on the same IMPACT Mission Team can elect to send individual support letters or joint letters requesting support for each individual. Contributions will be credited based on the designation of the donor. If the designation is for both, the amount will be divided equally. The account for each family member will be considered independently and all financial policies will apply to each individual. 10. The IMPACT Pastor or Student Pastor (for Student Trips) will review the financial status of each individual IMPACT Mission Team participant prior to purchasing the airline tickets to ensure that adequate funds are available to cover the expenditure. The following policy and procedure will apply: 1. An airline ticket will not be purchased for those individuals who have not raised the cost of the airline ticket by the non‐refundable ticket purchase deadline. a. If a team member does not have enough donations for their airline ticket, they will not be allowed to go on the mission trip. Their deposit and donations are non refundable and will be used for service projects and ministry during the mission trip. The Team member must send a letter to all donors stating they will not be going on the trip as well as stating how their donations will be used. 11. Team members who do not raise enough funds by the final deadline will forfeit all funds and will not be allowed to go on the trip. The deposit and donations are non‐ refundable. The deposit and all funds raised will be used at the discretion of the IMPACT Pastor and/or the IMPACT Mission Trip Team Leader on that specific mission trip. The Team member must send a letter to all donors stating they will not be going on the trip as well as stating how their donation will be used.
agree that funds raised for my trip over the total trip cost (excluding scholarship money) will be considered as Team Funds and will be applied towards the total team balance. I understand that excess funds (excluding my deposit if not paid by donations) will not be refunded to contributors nor can they be transferred to another trip for which I might apply.
I certify that: *