Fellowship Students

(7th-12th Grade)

If you haven’t heard yet, Fellowship Students is one of the coolest things happening for students here in Pueblo!

Fellowship Students is the student ministry of Fellowship of the Rockies that targets 7th – 12th graders to help them connect with the local church, encounter the transforming power of Jesus Christ, and be trained to reach others with the message of hope and love. 

Fellowship Student services happen EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT from 6:00-7:30pm 

At Fellowship Students, you’ll be exposed to Relevant Teaching, get the chance to build Real Relationshipsbe invited to engage in Passionate Worship, experience Fun Environments, and get to build the kingdom through Local & Global Missions.

If you haven’t checked out Fellowship Students yet, we want to invite you to come hang with us! It’s been said that Sunday night is the best night of the week!

To find out more about Fellowship Students, you can head to our Facebook page or call the front office.





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9th-12th Grade

Simony Residence              Moore Residence.            
1987 Overton Rd.                642 South Burro Dr.
Pueblo, CO 81008.              Pueblo West, CO 81007

7th-8th Grade                  

Wood Residence
505 N Tidy Dr. E
Pueblo West, CO 81007



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