Bus Driver

Not only do you get to drive students to some amazing locations for some awesome events but you are always welcome to join in the fun too. All your expenses are covered and there will always be adult sponsors riding the bus to ensure there is no trouble. Events include summer camps, ski trips, weekend retreats and youth conferences just to name a few. If you’re interested let us know and we will contact you with potential dates. Volunteer for as many or as few events as you want. A valid CDL is required.


Serve during one of the weekend services. Responsibilities include greeting people, directing them into the Worship Center, handing out bulletins at the Worship Center doors, and directing those with children to F.O.R. Kids.


Members serve in one of our two Hospitality areas, 2 times per month for one or more weekend services. Responsibilities include preparing and serving drinks and refreshments in the Welcome Center or Theater before and after the service OR preparing and serving food for other Ministry Partners.

Cooking Ministry

If you have a heart for cooking, be a part of a ministry that cooks for the church's ministry partners on Sunday morning once a month!

Information Kiosk

Be the first to answer any questions attendees may have about what is happening in our church. Supplement them with brochures, information pamphlets about ministries and events.

Prayer Partners

This ministry is dedicated to sharing the burdens of our Church Family. The main responsibility is praying with and for people who come forward after each service during the response time.


Serve during one of the weekend services. Responsibilities include greeting, seating people in the Worship Center, taking up the offering and serving the Lord's Supper on the 1st weekend of every month.

Interested in serving in any of these areas? Contact Melissa Martinez