Learning about God's love and spending time in a safe environment are important for even the youngest members and visitors at Fellowship of the Rockies . We offer care in a nurturing environment during each of Fellowship of the Rockies' worship services. Our goals are to provide a physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe place for children to learn about God and His love. We believe that no child is too young to hear the truth of Christ and his love. 

In Birth to Crawlers, your child will listen to worship songs, be exposed to Bible stories, and hear the spoken truth of Christ in play time. All babies in this room are cared for by adults only.  Swings and cribs are used in this room and no snacks are given.  

In Toddler's to 2's, your child will participate in story, prayer, song and color/craft time. Class time also includes free play as well as snack (either goldfish or animal crackers).  Every Ministry Partner has participated in a security program to assure the safety of each child.

MOM'S ROOM: Nursing mom's/mother's with young children are welcome to enjoy the live worship feed in a room just for you.

Children will meet in their appropriate classroom during each of our worship services.

Here at Fellowship of the Rockies, we believe that your child is God's gift to you.  We as a church want to support to you as you commit your child to God.  Click here to find out more about having your child dedicated.